Accident Reconstruction

Pennsylvania DUI cases involving a serious accident, injury, or death require an especially strong defense. An experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer from Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. may use an independent accident expert to reconstruct both your collision and the events that led to it, and seek out evidence that supports your defense.

As a vital member of your Pennsylvania DUI defense team, the accident reconstructionalist will exhaustively analyze the collision to determine whether it could have been avoided. If your crash was unavoidable under any circumstances, then alcohol cannot have been the cause of the crash.

Reconstructing a traffic collision is highly time-sensitive - it's crucial to examine the crash scene and the vehicles involved as quickly as possible to ensure that skid marks and other evidence is preserved.

An experienced accident reconstruction expert will photograph your vehicle, other cars involved in the crash, and the collision scene so that evidence that supports your defense will be preserved. The expert will also take precise measurements of the collision scene.

The accident reconstructionalist will examine every factor that may have contributed to the crash, including weather, road conditions, traffic, lighting, etc. Skid marks that remain at the scene can be particularly informative, because they provide information about whether the drivers involved in the collision reacted to danger or were unaware of the impending crash.

The accident reconstruction expert will also investigate any unaddressed safety recalls that may have contributed to the crash and examine the vehicles' headlights, brake lights, and other safety equipment to determine whether they were working properly at the time of the collision.

The expert will also analyze the police report and any other official documentation to determine points of impact and other critical factors in your collision, and interview as many witnesses to the crash as possible, including you and any passengers in your vehicle.

Reconstructing your collision may be critical to building an aggressive defense to your Pennsylvania DUI charge. A knowledgeable PA DUI attorney from Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. has excellent working relationships with experienced accident reconstruction experts and may call upon one to contribute to your defense in your driving under the influence case.