Locating Someone Arrested For DUI

Finding a driver who is in custody after a PA drunk driving arrest can be difficult, but the Pennsylvania DUI defense attorneys at Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. will help. An experienced Pennsylvania DUI attorney can also direct you to a bail bond firm and analyze your case to begin planning a strategic defense to your DUI charge.

A driver arrested for a Pennsylvania DUI will be booked, fingerprinted, and placed in a cell. Drivers who have entered the system can be difficult to locate. Having the accused Pennsylvania DUI driver's full legal name and birth date will help. Obtaining the driver's booking number will also be useful.

Some accused Pennsylvania DUI drivers are released on their own recognizance, called "O.R.", while others will be required to post bail to get out of jail. Drivers released on O.R. must sign a statement promising to appear in court to face any charges. If the driver fails to appear in court on the specified date, a warrant will be issued for the person's arrest. This may also result in separate charges for failure to appear in court.

Drivers who aren't released on O.R. will be required to post bail. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the driver will appear to answer the charges. Bail bondsmen typically charge a non-refundable fee of 10 percent of the bail amount in exchange for posting bail.

Getting arrested for Pennsylvania DUI can be a frightening and confusing experience for the driver and their loved ones. However, you don't have to go through this alone. The Pennsylvania DUI attorneys at Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. can help you through this difficult process. Please contact us today for a free consultation.