Simply the best!!!! Faced a DUI charge with a refusal due to unfamiliarity with state laws. Facing an unimaginable burden and other unexpected consequences, Mr Cooper was there at a moment's notice to answer all of my questions and help guide me through every step of the way. More importantly - he explained everything in a simple, straightforward and matter-of-fact manner. Mr Cooper provided me with the kind of reassurance that only a conscientious professional skilled at his craft could provide. I could not have hoped for a better outcome that what Mr Cooper was able to provide.
Martin - (6-12-18)

Mr. Cooper is able to work wonders. He was able to get me the minimum sentence and minimum fine which I didn't think was possible. He even contacted a friend for me when I was in a bind. If you are in need of an attorney for a DUI look no further.
J.A. - (7-15-17)

If you need a lawyer for a DUI case, look no further. Zachary Cooper is the guy you need. He helped me NOT lose my liscense!! He was always available whenever I needed him. Zach took the time and really cares to help you and your family. It wouldnt of happened without Zachs relentless efforts. Thank you sir!
Kevin - (7-11-17)

Zach did a great job on my case. It was a second DUI offense for a refusal at Bucks county. He was more then responsive with letting me know what was going on with the case on a regular basis other lawyers leave you in the dark with a guessing game of what's going to happen. Zach got me what I wanted with this case and fought his way around the system to make my life easier for my family and myself. He lowered charge and worked wonders. Not only was he great lawyer but an awsome honest guy who had great character. Best part was I didn't feel alone going threw this Zachary Cooper was with me all the way. Couldn't have ask for better and I strongly recommend him to anyone. He was a real smart guy and I really lucked out, Zach is the man!!!!
E.L. - (6-15-17)

Zachary understands how a DUI charge can affect the entire family. He promptly returned every phone call, text or email answering any questions or concerns that arose without making me or my wife feel as though we were being burdensome. He treated us with respect, honesty and compassion and helped us negotiate through the entire process, assuring us that he was just a phone call away should any issues arise.

Initially we spoke to another attorney and our situation looked dire. After all, I am a CDL driver and my career depends on me maintaining my license. Our savings, my career and my family's future were all in jeopardy. Zachary immediately knew about the special considerations and circumstances to my case and he competently and confidently managed to help me preserve my career and our future without bankrupting my family.

We are so grateful that we found him and forever indebted to him for preserving our home and our future.
Ed O. - (6-1-2017)

I couldn't of asked for a better lawyer! I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case! He always responded back to me almost immediately. Communication was great! Would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a great lawyer! Thank you again Mr. Cooper.
Melissa - (3-22-2017)

I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to represent my case! Zachary Cooper seriously works magic! He's dependable, always a quick response whenever I had any questions or concerns. I walked into my case blind and hopeless and walked away a thrilled client with the results. I can't thank him enough for helping me through a difficult time!
Nicole - (3-24-17)

I'm beyond grateful for everything Zach has done for me and my family. He had gotten me out of a difficult bind and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. He knows what to do and how to do it, while looking out for your best interest. He takes pride in his job, his clients, and the work that has to be done. Overall, he is a great guy and I would recommend him over ANYONE else. Thank you Zach!!
Nick - (2-3-2017)

I retained Zach for my 1st offense DUI. Took the path of and successfully enrolled in ARD with Zach as my attorney. Zach took my case on personally. Whenever I called him with a question/concern he either picked up immediately or texted me letting me know he was unable to answer at that time and got back to me as soon as he could, always in the same day. Very nice guy. Expert in DUI law. Good rapport with the DA's office. I would recommend him to anyone facing their 1st, 2nd, 3rd...10th DUI offense. Thanks for everything Zach!
Daniel - (12-5-2016)

Zachary helped me out tremendously in a recent legal situation I was in. Whenever I reached out with a question he answered promptly and in a very detailed fashion. He reassured me that he would take care of my situation and did just that. He delivered from the first day I reached out to him and I never felt that I was a bother which made me extremely comfortable during the process. I would highly recommend his legal services to anyone in a bind that requires the need for expert assistance. Zach is your man for the job! My future oppurtunites in life thank you Zach!!!!!
Phil C. - (10-26-2016)

I went to court on 10/17/16 expecting to receive a 1 year state prison sentence for my third offense DUI. From the very beginning Attorney Cooper reassured me that if I listened to him he would help to lesson what the penalties would be. In the very end I did absolutely NO jail time for this DUI. Attorney Zachary Cooper stood beside me and gave me excellent guidance throughout this entire case. I am so grateful for his counsel and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great DUI attorney.
Ron - (10-18-2016)

Zachary helped me out tremendously in a recent legal situation I was in. Whenever I reached out with a question he answered promptly and in a very detailed fashion. He reassured me that he would take care of my situation and did just that. He delivered from the first day I reached out to him and I never felt that I was a bother which made me extremely comfortable during the process. I would highly recommend his legal services to anyone in a bind that requires the need for expert assistance. Zach is your man for the job. Thank you attorney Cooper!!!!!
P.C. - (10-12-2016)

I can't thank Zach enough. He is honest, and true to his word. I can honestly say that he saved me and my family. I was nervous when looking for a lawyer I could trust and had good experience. I'm glad I did my research and found him. Definitely deserves more than five stars.
R.J. - (9-23-2016)

Zach is really deserving of a 10 star rating if it were available. He was able to obtain results that far exceeded our expectations. His experience, knowledge, and ability to resolve challenging legal circumstances is second to none. He responds to texts and phone calls within minutes and demonstrates a true interest in his clients. I would highly recommend his services for anyone facing a legal bind. Thank you so much Zach for all your help!!!!
Diane - (9-22-2016)

I hired Zachary Cooper as a 1st time DUI offender. My case involved my vehicle flipping over. From the very first phone call, Zach assured me that he would take the necessary steps and actions to drive to the lowest penalty. Zach gave clear instructions of what to do and when to do them. Each step along the way, he was always reachable and attentive to my concerns. Even after being denied ARD twice due to a previous record, Zach did the unthinkable and got me the lowest DUI sentencing possible, just 6 months probation. His work kept me with my family, saved my license and preserved my occupation. Zach delivered!!!!

Zachary Cooper is a fantastic lawyer. From the very beginning, he reassured me that things will work out as long as I followed his instructions. I did and he was so correct. My sentencing was minimal due to his intimate knowledge of the system. Would highly recommend to anyone.
A.C. - (9-7-2016)

I hired Mr. Cooper based on his reviews, which were all excellent. They turned out to be totally accurate. He is an excellent lawyer, and did an amazing job of defending my son. We were extremely happy with the results, and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a DUI lawyer. You just cannot go wrong if you select him for your defense.

He takes his time with you, and you never feel that you are being rushed. He will explain everything in detail, and try to make you as comfortable as possible while in a very stressful situation. If you hire him, I suggest you follow his recommendations exactly. If you do, you will be very happy with the results. Due to his past experience, he knows the system well, and can plot the best course of action to achieve the best possible result.
H.M. - (7-23-16)

I just left court and the resulting verdict was beyond my best expectation. Zachary Cooper knows the law and how to work within the system to get the best results possible for his client. He always returned my phone call or text in a timely matter, never waiting more then a day. I would and will recommend him to who every needs the very best DUI attorney.
A.T. - (7-21-16)

Excellent experience!!! Very knowledgeable attorney, would recommend his services to all seeking legal representation.
A.M. - (7-20-16)

Mr. Cooper was excellent. I couldn't have asked for better representation. He kept me well informed, and gave me the proper information that I needed for my case. I highly recommend Mr Cooper. Thanks for representing me.
A.C. - (7-13-2016)

I got a DUI after having some wine and foolishly taking Ambien (stupid, I know). I never drink and drive. Getting a DUI was the most embarrassing, devastating thing that has ever happened to this Main Line mom. I thought of going to one of my Lawyer friends...so glad I didn't. Go to a DUI Specialist (I know that sounds like a commercial, but I found out it's true) Zachary Cooper is fantastic. He is kind and compassionate (which I really needed and appreciated). He helped me get through a terrible ordeal. I can't imagine what I might have faced (jail time, etc.) if I hadn't hired him. Thanks so much Zachary!
E.M. - (6-23-16)

Zachary B Cooper is a excellent lawyer!!! He is very persistent at pursuing the District Attorney and great at making deals with them to keep your sentence as low as possible. If you text him or call his response is usually immediate. He is a great lawyer who will give the best advice. I was very stressed out during this DUI and he also spoke to me during this time to keep me calm and he is good on his word. I had four DUI's and a very high BAC plus controlled substance and got a slap on the wrist for a sentence thanks to Zachary Cooper.
J.R. - (6-22-2016)

I've done my fair share a research while consulting with many lawyers and Zachary Cooper is the best attorney for DUI related charges in Pennsylvania. I had a serious double DUI case with multiple offenses and Zach was able to get me out of everything. If there is a loophole, he'll know about it, if you are expecting jail time, severe charges, suspensions, or violations then Zach is the man for you and your cases. Down the road you will not regret it and you'll see why you made the best option to hire this attorney. Zachary Cooper is seriously the definition of a professional lawyer.

Zach is definitely the best at what he does. He was always available when I had questions and concerns, was a pleasure to work with and was persistent on getting me the best I could get out of my situation. He got assault charges dropped immediately and got me the best results in my DUI case. I would recommend Zach to everyone who needs an attorney for DUI/criminal defense. I'm so happy with my results I also put it out on all of my social media, for all of my friends, family, and friends of friends to use Zach if they are ever in these situations. THANK YOU ZACH!!

When I got the DUI I was in a really bad situation. I had resigned my position with my Philadelphia employer and accepted a new one in Atlanta GA. One week before my move to GA I was charged with DUI and faced a potential 90 day jail sentence. Zachary absolutely went the extra miles needed to get me the best possible outcome just as he promised he would. Over the next 18 months he talked to judges and DA's, he got continuances and delays when I could not make court dates due to the constraints of my newly hired situation. As my wife stood with me at each court appearance Zachary's calmness and confidence always managed to put her in a better state of mind as we headed back home ( I can't thank him enough for that.) Bottom line, avoided the 90 days in jail, he never gave up. Thank you Zachary

Zachary has done an amazing job representing me through my DUI. I was initially very scared and worried, but Zachary explained everything to me, put me at ease, and was there for me at each step. His representation and advice have been fantastic, and I am absolutely confident I have come out of this with the best possible outcome. I will also say that he has been available via cell and email, and has always gotten back to me quickly when I have a question. And he's a really nice guy to work with. I would recommend Zachary to anyone facing a DUI charge

I made a poor decision about a year and a half ago and needed a lawyer for a DUI/DWI. After researching my case, potential outcomes, what my chances might be - I was terrified that it would effect my chances at a new job, ultimately my career, jail time, fines and the list continues. I was looking for a good lawyer that would not just take my money but provide honest information. Zachary Cooper not only fulfilled those requirements but returned every phone call and email with every question I had. He didn't sugar coat anything and gave me honest guidance/advice.

I was concerned about the day in court. I was fully represented prior to the day and I feel comfortable we closed it out in a favorable manner. I left the court room that day with my chin up. I am glad I hired Zachary.

Couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to have when it comes to taking care of DUI's or DWI's. Zach was on the game from Day 1 and guided me throughout the whole process. He always would answer a call or message whenever I had any questions or concerns and always made me feel that I was in good hands. I highly recommend him to anyone that is going through any legal troubles when it comes to DUI's.

I hired Mr. Cooper for a case in Bucks County, PA and he was able to have all charges dismissed at the "PRELIMINARY HEARING." I would highly recommend this Life saver for anyone looking for aggressive local representation in Pennsylvania or NJ. Mr. Cooper always stayed in constant communication with me throughout this entire process." Mr. Cooper, was unbelievably knowledgeable, tenacious and so skillful that my case was dismissed before I reached the courtroom. He is one of the Best and obviously well respected by our local legal system.

I hired Mr. Cooper as my attorney for two second tier DUI cases. He kept me informed about the status of my cases and was honest but hopeful about the outcome. Ultimately my cases ended with an outcome that was far better than what I was realistically expecting, and I was charged with two first offenses and received minimum penalties.

I made a poor decision back in July 2015 that ended up in a PA DUI. I vetted four attorneys. I retained Zachary. I wanted representation that was not on paper. He was there through every turn, even when I felt uncomfortable about the future, and what was coming my way. I recommend you talk to him. If anything happens in my future, or people close to me, I will look him up.

I retained Zach Cooper for a DUI charge and he was extremely accessible to me. At my preliminary hearing he demonstrated remarkable technical legal skill as well as interpersonal skills with all parties at the hearing. This resulted in a dismissal of my case. I recommend Zach Cooper without any reservations whatsoever! Zach rocks!!!

Zach helped me in a really low time in my life- he is a professional and confident in his approach to the law with telling you how you should expect an outcome.... There were no surprises when he represented me for my case... I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a great lawyer.

We just wanted to share our experience with Attorney Zachary Cooper. It is very difficult to find a DUI attorney on short notice and especially one who is knowledgeable and can help alleviate some of the stress of the entire ordeal. Our son needed an attorney to help him with his DUI arrest. We were most fortunate to locate Mr. Cooper. He was reassuring form the first phone call and provided excellent legal advice to us and assisted our son in obtaining the ARD program, in spite of other legal complications that occurred. He never gave up. We would highly recommend Mr. Cooper to anyone is a similar situation. He cares, he is readily accessible, and his fees were very reasonable. He is a credit to his profession.
Martin and Jean

I would recommend Zachary Cooper to absolutely anyone who needs a DUI attorney. He represented me in a complicated case in Chester County, Pennsylvania and proved to be my greatest ally and supporter. Zachary’s knowledge of the law, rapport with the judge, and strong courtroom presence ensured I received a favorable outcome. In addition his communication was top notch, he was extremely prompt with his communication. If you need DUI counsel, you should retain Zachary Cooper ASAP!

I recommend Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. highly without any reservation. I had the privilege of working with Zachary Cooper, Esq. and his Paralegal Assistant Susan Host on a very serious legal matter recently. To me the attributes of competence, accessibility and reassurance skills are critical in choosing and utilizing an attorney. Perhaps the most important attribute is trust. Mr. Cooper and Ms. Host of Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. exceeded my expectations in demonstrating all of these attributes. My case resulted in an excellent outcome. But even if it hadn't, I would not hesitate to endorse Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C., utilizing this remarkable team of outstanding professionals!

I retained Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. for my second DUI offense. My particular lawyer was Zachary B. Cooper. Zachary was professional, patient, knowledgeable, and empathetic. I received reduced jail time, and I believe the best outcome under the circumstances. I would recommend Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. to anyone unfortunate to find themselves in a DUI circumstance. P.S. I interviewed 2 other law firms before deciding on Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C., and am pleased with my choice.

The people of Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. provided me with great comfort in my time of need. What I value most from the experience was their ability to guide me through a process that without assistance, would have cost me invaluable time and put me through a great deal of stress. They were prompt in replying to any of my questions and took the time to make sure I understood all that I needed to do. They were flexible with my schedule, especially when I was balancing both school and work. I'm happy I found them and would certainly recommend them to anyone in my position.

Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. recently handled a DUI case for me. Their attorneys and administrative staff’s communications were excellent. They kept me informed every step of the way. The firm is very knowledgeable of the law in both PA & NJ. Their professionalism and attention to detail made me feel very comfortable in having the firm represent my case. They took my case on with great perseverance and I would highly recommend them to anyone facing a DUI charge.

Thank you so much for your attentiveness and courtesy in handling my case.
I appreciate it so much! I am thankful for paralegal Susan's help and concern throughout this DUI process. Susan is an amazing person that encourages and supports people at their most vulnerable times. Susan - I hope you are rewarded many times over for your good heart and all your patience and time! Thanks so much for everything.