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Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C. is a Pennsylvania DUI law firm defending clients charged with DUI, DWI, drunk driving, and refusal in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The cases we handle are almost exclusively limited to DUI charges and related matters. For an orthopedic problem, you would probably hire an orthopedist. For a real estate issue, you would likely hire a real estate attorney. For a PA DUI case, call Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C.. We can't guarantee the result, but we can assure you that we will seek the best outcome possible in your Pennsylvania DUI charge. We do guarantee that we will never stop fighting on your behalf, unless or until you direct us otherwise. Clients don't hire us to hold their hands and plead them guilty: clients hire us to fight for their rights. With over 40 years of DUI litigation experience in our firm, we know what to look for in your case to help you best.

Qualified Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers

Our Pennsylvania DUI defense firm is a group of four DUI attorneys, all trained and qualified in the road-side physical testing (field sobriety testing), and have advanced training in blood and breath testing. We aggressively analyze and challenge the Commonwealth's evidence to establish the most effective defense against the Delaware County, PA DUI charges you are facing. The Commonwealth will seek to convict on a DUI charge either through physical evidence, such as driving activity and road-side physical testing, or the "per-se" blood or breath test results. Urine testing is also used in drug-DUI cases. Therefore, it is important to hire counsel that knows how to effectively address all sides of the DUI case against you.

PA DUI Lawyers Qualified in Field Sobriety Testing by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration All of our attorneys have been trained by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) protocol. Two of our attorneys are qualified Instructors in the testing, and the other three will attain Instructor status shortly. This training gives us the ability to fully analyze the Commonwealth's case against you from start to finish. We know how the tests are supposed to be administered to you road-side. If they aren't administered in the prescribed standardized manner, then the validity and reliability of the field sobriety testing is compromised.

The One Leg Stand "test" is only 65% reliable in predicting that a driver is over the legal limit for driving. The Walk and Turn "test" is 68% reliable for that purpose. The word "test" is a misnomer for these physical exercises. Standing on one leg on the side of the road with traffic passing by and flashing lights in your face does not make for an objective test. According to the government agency that created these standardized tests, the results of the tests do not measure driving behavior. The "tests" are to be used by the officer to determine whether he or she has "probable cause" to arrest you, and then bring you back to a testing location to obtain a sample of your blood or breath.

The courts will rely on all evidence against you in determining whether you are guilty of a PA DUI. As a result, you should hire a skilled Pennsylvania DUI drunk driving attorney that knows how to address the field exercises, and how to explain to the judge or jury why these "tests" may not demonstrate guilt in a particular case. Do you have physical issues that would affect your ability to do these exercises on any given day? Would you never be able to stand on one leg for thirty seconds even if you were in a gym at 7 am on a weekday? We use your specific physical presentation to assess your overall case.

Pennsylvania DUI Lawyers with Advanced Training in Blood and Breath Testing

We have advanced training in blood and breath testing to assist us in evaluating and defending your case. Our lawyers regularly attend advanced courses across the country on these issues.

In blood testing cases, everything from the phlebotomist or nurse that took your sample to the person that tested your sample at a laboratory must be investigated. We check out how the blood was actually extracted from you, how the collection site was prepared, how much blood was obtained from you, whether the collection tubes were properly sealed, and whether the tubes had the proper preservative and anti-coagulant chemicals in them for testing. We follow the "chain of custody" of your blood sample to make sure that it hasn't been left in a hot trunk or with a lab technician's lunch in a refrigerator. The lab protocol for sample testing must be assessed, as well as many other things that Zachary B. Cooper, Attorney at Law, P.C., Pennsyvania DUI defense attorneys educated in blood testing will explore for you.

In breath testing cases, we analyze whether you were properly observed for 20 minutes prior to the breath testing; whether you regurgitated in any way that would affect the breath testing result; whether the officer and the machine were properly certified in your testing; whether the machine was operating as it should be to deliver the result. We never assume that the test results are valid. We look at every aspect of the testing to determine whether the testing is reliable.

It is not a foregone conclusion that because you were charged with DUI you will be convicted, you will lose your license, or you will go to jail. These cases may be fightable and winnable with the right facts, circumstances and the best DUI attorney that you can hire by your side.

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